WIVI Vision: We are committed to innovation

In a world where technology is advancing rapidly and artificial intelligence is constantly surprising us with news that once seemed like science fiction, at the same time we are witnessing an increasing integration of technology in visual health care. 

At Opticas Perea we keep pace with technological advances, which is why we incorporated WIVI Vision in our cabinet. 

What is WIVI Vision and why is it so exciting? 

WIVI Vision is a system to evaluate the capabilities of our visual system that goes beyond traditional methods. Through the use of artificial intelligence and 3d technology, this novel system puts the patient to the test with various games and immersive tests to evaluate the performance of the visual system accurately and effectively. 

What does this mean?

It means that regardless of the patient's age or type of visual dysfunction, WIVI Vision takes care of designing a fully targeted plan for the patient, with amazing results. 

The training time required is significantly reduced compared to traditional vision therapy training. At the same time, we can monitor the progress of the patient's visual abilities and evaluate their improvement with each training session.

At Opticas Perea we are committed to innovation

We believe that the attention to our patients is the basis of our work and technological advances are necessary in an optometry office that wants to provide a differential experience. Allowing us to make more accurate assessments, offer more effective treatments and ensure the satisfaction of each patient. 

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